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Raw Tracks to Finished Mixes

Whether they were recorded in your bedroom, at the finest studio, or at the local music club

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I'm Jon Sosa

Welcome to my home here at Summation Mix.

As a Mixing Engineer I work with rock and indie bands from all over the world to perfect their next release.

Ready to get started?

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"Jon is a talented listener and engineer. His down to earth approach puts you at ease. Every time I interacted with him I learned something new. I'd recommend Jon's services because he is passionate and professional."

Carlos Rodriguez, Guitarist & Band Leader- Mezcal Music

Grover Beach, California

"Working with Jon was a great experience throughout the whole process. He put in the extra time and effort to schedule zoom meetings, making sure that we were always on the same page. He really helps to create the vision you have for a song, as well as offer up new ideas and techniques. It really felt like he wanted to make our songs as good as they can be. Now that the song is mixed I have nothing more to ask for. Jon is a great engineer with great attention to detail.  I learned a lot by working with him and can only hope to continue working with him in the future."

Jared Payzant (Corduroy and The Striped Man)- Singer & Multi Instrumentalist

Long Beach, California

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"After a really helpful mix consultation call with Jon last Spring for a song I was trying to iron out, I decided to get back in touch with Jon this Fall to help me improve my mixes and master my latest EP.

While I have a lot to learn, I'm used to doing everything on my own especially since my music has a lot of electronic elements. Doing mix evaluation calls with Jon, I've been able to improv my mixes and have learned so much to improve my work in the future "

Lily Sloane - Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist

San Francisco, California



Q: How much does it cost to mix a song?

A: The cost of a mix is generally governed by how many tracks are needing to be mixed and the time length of the song. An epic, 15 minute, symphonically backed, tune with 200 tracks will be more pricey than a simple folk song featuring vocals and guitar. Help me to learn more about your project and I can get you a fair number. 

Q: How do I know if my song is ready for mixing? 

AIf you feel that you have completed production on your song and are comfortable sharing the song with me, it would be my pleasure to give it a listen as is and let you know if it is ready for mixing. 

Q: Do you also master the song? 

A: Mastering is a delicate process requiring specific tools and most importantly, an additional set of trusted ears to apply the final EQ and Compression adjustments required to have your song perform at its best across all audio systems and platforms. I would always encourage a separate professional mastering engineer, but if the budget just doesn't allow for it, I can apply my personal mastering techniques to your music. If you are interested in using a separate mastering engineer I can provide communications with my personally preferred choice.