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Have some raw tracks ready for mixing? Or have a couple of questions about my process?

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Frequently Asked Questions Continued

Q: How much does it cost to mix a song?

A: The cost of a mix is generally governed by how many tracks are needing to be mixed and the time length of the song. An epic, 15 minute, symphonically backed, tune with 200 tracks will be more pricey than a simple folk song featuring vocals and guitar. Help me to learn more about your project and I can get you a fair number. 

Q: How do I know if my song is ready for mixing? 

AIf you feel that you have completed production on your song and are comfortable sharing the song with me, it would be my pleasure to give it a listen as is and let you know if it is ready for mixing. 

Q: Do you also master the song? 

A: Yes, but know that this is a separate process and that it is only recommended to be done once all the mixes are completed. Mastering all of the songs at once will allow for a cohesive experience across the EP or album. If you have a mastering engineer that you would prefer to use, I can prep the files for delivery so you can send them along.

Q: Can I use Landr or Soundcloud to Master my music?

A: While theses services may one day be able to compete with a real mastering engineer, at the moment they can't provide the tailored adjustments for your songs to perform at their peak. They often miss the mark by a football field.  Also, mastering is usually an affordable service and you get the chance to make a new friend who cares about your music as much as you do. #saveamasteringengineer. :)

Q: Do you edit tracks before mixing? 

A: Nobody's perfect! It's very common to have your tracks adjusted before mixing, think of it as cutting all or just some of the ugly bits off a flower before a bouquet is made - it can certainly be done to taste. While editing (Pitch correction, Timing, etc..) is not included in my standard mixing pricing, it can be added for an additional cost. If you are not sure if your tracks need adjustments, feel free to reach out and we can do a free listening session together and I will let you know if you can benefit from editing.