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Don't Start Your Next Live Stream Without Reading This First!

You’ve got a live stream performance scheduled to go live in about an hour and you're stuck in this moment where you are excited, but are also nervously contemplating thoughts like “Did I forget anything?” , “Is my computer charging” or “What if i'm missing something that will interrupt my performance?”. While it's already so common to have anxiety about performing your art, rarely has it been expected that an artist commit to doing so, while also committing to the management of the technology that will be running the entire event! Harness a bit of peace of mind by using this checklist I've put together based off of all of the live streams I've personally helped manage over this last year. Some of them are basic, and maybe even a bit comical, but I swear each and every action has been put on this list with the purpose of giving you a simple checklist that will hopefully lead to a better stream and performance for your audience and fans.

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Meet the Author:

Jon Sosa is a live stream setup assistant at a company with the goal of giving you peace of mind on your next online performance. Book an evaluation of your setup now!

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